Welcome to the Bandai Organized Play Site.

You will be able to find locations, get player rankings, volunteer to become an organizer (Meijin) and download tournament software and tournament documents.

New Visitors*

1) To get started you will need to register to be a Tournament Organizer (Meijin) for Bandai. You can do this by filling out the 2 pages found here: Become a Meijin

2) When you are approved as a Tournament Organizer you will be emailed a Bandai ID number (If you do not have one) and a password. You can then login in here: Login

3) Once have your login information, you will need to download the TOP Software found at the home page after you login. Once you install the TOP Software, you will need to use it to create and submit your Store (Venue) for approval.

4) After your Store is approved, you will use the TOP Software to schedule, run, and submit tournaments to the website.

*If you need any assistance with any of this process, please feel free to email us here: Alex Bykov